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Longview Independent School District
Employee Agreement for Acceptable Use of the Electronic Communications System
The Longview Independent School District has established a District electronic communications system to facilitate the educational process and administrative services. The District network includes access to the Internet providing resources that extend educational experiences far beyond those currently available through other means.
Use of the District electronic communications system comes with certain responsibilities. It is important that you read the District acceptable use agreement form and ask questions if you need help in understanding them. Inappropriate system use will result in the loss of the privilege to use this educational and administrative tool.
It is possible that you may run across objectionable material when accessing the Internet from the Longview ISD electronic communications system. While the District will use filtering technology to restrict access to such material, it is impossible to absolutely prevent such access. It will be your responsibility to follow the rules for appropriate use. The District may suspend or revoke your access if you violate the rules.

Access and Use

  • You are being assigned a District electronic communications system account and will be responsible at all times for its proper use, including proper management of your email account and network storage. You are responsible for the safekeeping of your password.
  • You will use the District network, including the Internet, for work-related uses. Limited personal use is permitted as long as this does not interfere with job responsibilities, imposes no financial burden on the District nor degrades or disrupts network performance.
  • You will be aware of copyright laws and will adhere to them.
  • System users supervising students’ use of the District electronic communications system will annually provide training emphasizing the appropriate use of the resource and will monitor students’ use at all times. This training will also address online safety and appropriate online behavior including interaction on social network websites and chat rooms and cyberbullying awareness and response.

Inappropriate Uses

  • You will not share the password for your account with others.
  • You will not access other users’ accounts including files and/or other documents without permission.
  • You will not use the Internet for political or commercial activity.
  • You will not use the system to threaten or harass another person, or engage in personal attacks, including prejudicial or discriminatory attacks.
  • You will not access materials that are abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another’s reputation or illegal.
  • You will not send/post messages under a false identity.
  • You will not send/post unsolicited junk mail or chain letters.
  • You will not use inappropriate language (no swearing, vulgarity, ethnic or racial slurs, or any inflammatory or threatening language).
  • You will not attempt to harm equipment, materials, data, or gain unauthorized access to restricted information or resources.
  • You will not knowingly disrupt the network including infect a computer or network with a virus, send inappropriate mass mailings or spamming, nor disconnect equipment to disable any computing function.
  • You will not disable any Internet filtering device.
  • You will not encrypt communications to avoid security review.
  • You will not install any software program to a district computer without permission.
  • You will not download large files unless absolutely necessary.
  • You will not use the system for illegal purposes.
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