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Staff Thin Client Virtual Machine

Staff members “grab” the same virtual machine (VM/Samsung) each time they log off and back on. Staff members working from their Thin Client Virtual Machine should always save work to their H:drive.
The Save dialog box will include something like: jdoe$ (\\Orion) (H:).

Staff members can:

  • Set up the Internet Explorer home page and/or Google Chrome home page.
  • Set their start menu to look a specific way and can add programs to it.
  • Ask technology staff to assign specific printers to their Virtual Machine. (Staff members should not attempt to install a printer.)

If a staff VM becomes unresponsive the technology department may solve this problem by deleting the current VM machine assigned to the staff member and assigning a new virtual machine.
This will:

  • Delete the staff VM
  • Delete the Favorites (web pages) saved in IE or Google Chrome (unless the staff member is logged into Google Chrome browser prior to saving to Favorites).
  • Delete any files saved to the Desktop, My Documents folder, and Downloads folder.

Files saved to a path that includes: ▸Doe, Jane ▸Downloads, will be deleted from the staff member's unresponsive Virtual Machine when technology assigns the staff member a new Virtual Machine.

Setting Staff Default Printer

On staff thin clients, each staff member must select your own default printer.

  • Click the Start button and then choose the printer icon to view the printer choices you have.
  • Right-click on the printer you want to set as you default printer and choose “Set as Default Printer”.

If you need a printer added to your printer choices, contact your ITS.

Virtual Computer/Thin Client FAQs

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