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Logging On

  • Enter your ID # and password.
  • Choose the correct group: Classworks or Students
  • Click Connect.

NOTE: Choose the Classworks group ONLY when you need to use Classworks. For all other uses choose the Student group.
Student Login

Login Problems

  • Make sure there is not a space in front of the 1st letter of your username.
  • Error message, “Failed to authenticate” – Type the password again.
  • Error message, “Bad Username or Password” – Check for spelling errors & type the password again.

Call the Technology Help Desk if you still cannot login. 903-446-2400.


Student thin clients do not allow printing.

Saving Documents

  • NEVER save files to your desktop or to My Documents.
  • Always save to your H: drive or a flash (pen) drive.

IMPORTANT: Once you log off the thin client student computer the computer will be deleted so it is impossible to retrieve documents you did not save correctly.

Virtual Computer/Thin Client FAQs

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