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1. Open your calendar. 2. Under the MY calendars section, click the triangle. Click Create new calendar.

3. The screen will switch to Calendar details.

4. Type a NAME for the calendar. Could be titled by subject area, topic, and grade level. Ex: 4th Grade Class Calendar. 5. If you are creating this to share with people outside of our district, check Share this calendar with others and then check Make this calendar public. 6. If you are sharing with LISD staff only, then click Share this calendar with everyone in the organization Longview ISD. 7. If other co-workers are going to maintain this calendar with you, type their email addresses in the Share with specific people box. The person will receive an email from you with the calendar link. 8. Give permission for either of these settings depending on if they are going to edit events, also. 9. Click the CREATE CALENDAR button.

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