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Creating A Project

1. Create a folder in your H drive or on the hard drive of the computer where you are working where all images, music files, and the project will be stored.
 Video: Creating Project Folders
2. Click the Start button and select Photo Story 3. You may need to click all programs in order to find it on the list.
3. Select Begin a new story and click the Next button.
Begin Story
 Video: Begin a New Story, Importing Pictures and Selecting Multiple Images

Importing Pictures

1. Click the Import Pictures button and navigate to the picture's location.
2. Move the slider at the top right to adjust the size of the thumbnails.
3. Double-click the picture you want to use. This will import the picture into Photo Story.

Selecting Multiple Image

1. Hold down the Ctrl key and click the thumbnail images you want to include in your Photo Story.
2. Click the OK button to import the pictures into the timeline.
3. You can always import more pictures at any time as you create your story.

Arranging Images

 Video: Arranging Images
1. Click and hold an image and then drag it to the new location to move the image from one location to another on the timeline.
2. You can also use the arrow keys to the right of the timeline to move a selected picture to a new location.
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