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Using the First Time

Before you use either LPAC Manager or Special Ed Manager on any computer an installation will need to be done to make the login dialogue box appear. The process will vary depending on the kind of computer you are using.

Samsung Thin Client Virtual Computers

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Type the following in the URL space: http://longviewisd.isuiteasp.com/ or click the link provided on the LISD Intranet page or your campus web page.
3. The page will open with a message on it about contacting the technology department if the login dialogue box does not appear.
4. Wait several minutes and, depending on the IE version, a yellow information bar will appear either at the top or bottom of the screen.
5. Click the word install. If you do not see install click the yellow bar so that options will appear.
6. Wait several minutes until an Installation window appears. Click on Run.
7. Wait several minutes until the login dialogue box appears.
8. Login with the credentials provided by the bilingual or special ed department.

All Other LISD Computers

1. Write down the following information about your computer
  • Serial # - Go to either Computer or My Computer. Right-click on the word Computer or My Computer and then click Properties. Look for the Computer Name. This will be your serial #.
  • IP Address - Locate the eyeball in your taskbar. Hover your mouse over it. The IP will be something like 10.##.#.##. Example:
2. Leave your computer on but log off.
3. Call the Technology Help Desk and tell them you need to install LPAC or Special Ed Manager.
4. Give them your serial # and IP address.
5. They will do the installation and then tell you how to proceed. The installation takes several minutes so call at a time that you are prepared to wait.
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