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You can use the Elmo document camera and the CAD U7 USB Microphone, the black triangular device attached to Elmo, to make a video recording.

Use the videos for playback at an Open House or parent conference or simply to show your students at the end of the year how much they have improved.

Recording the Video

  • Turn on the document camera.
  • Rotate the camera toward the back of the cart.
  • Open the Image Mate Accent software.
  • Make sure you see a blue light on both the document camera and the microphone.
  • Decide where you want the student(s) to stand. The image that appears on the screen is what will be recorded. You can turn the cart so the camera is facing a white wall or optional background. Experiment!
  • White ArrowClick the white arrow until you see the Recording Tool icon.
  • Recording ButtonClick the recording tool to start recording.
  • Click the recording tool again to stop a recording.

Each time you Start and Stop a recording a video file is created and placed automatically into a folder on the hard drive, usually My Pictures.

Once you are satisfied with the recording you will simply delete those files not needed.

View the Recording

There are two options for viewing the recordings.

  • Simply click the folder tool icon.File Folder Icon
  • Use Computer tool Computer Toolto go to the desktop of the computer.
    • Go to Start menu > Pictures.
    • Locate the Image Mate folder and open it. Inside will be the videos you recorded. Locate the one you wish to keep and click it to open and view the recording. (It should play in Windows Media Player.)

Combining Videos

If desired, you can use Windows Live Movie Maker to combine the videos into one project and then save it on a DVD or on a flash drive which has a large memory. Example: One small video clip can be 180Mb.

Tech Tips

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