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Online Help Request Form

Here is where you can report a problem with your computer, Cisco telephone, projector, printer, Elmo, Qomo tablet, etc. Please be prepared to include the following information about your computer:

Serial Number - If you can log in, right-click on My Computer>Properties>Computer Name. The Computer Name contains the serial number, for example:
Location of the equipment - include: Campus and room number
Your name and LISD email address
Brief description of problem
Description of troubleshooting you have done.

Email the HelpDesk

Another way is to send an email to E-mail is a great option for a quick answer. What is our mail server's name would be one example. If your question gets technical and involved, the person helping you through e-mail will probably send you to our third option.


When all else fails, call the Help Desk: 903-446-2400.

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