Samsung Thin Client Hookup

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Cable Connections

  • Remove the key at the base of the thin client. (May not have one.)
  • Raise the monitor.
  • Rotate the monitor sideways for ease of access to the connections.
  • Plug in the network cable, mouse & keyboard – in a straight line as pictured.

Cable Connections

  • Plug the power cable snuggly into this hole. Located on the bottom of the monitor.
  • The toggle switch should be in the ON position (as shown).
  • Rotate the monitor back to the correct position, making sure the power plug is not pulled out.

Power Plug


  • Speaker Bar – Is attached either on top of the monitor or is placed under the monitor.
  • Speaker wires - Plug them into the side of the monitor.
    • Green audio plug into green hole
    • Black USB plug into one of the USB ports located close to the green audio plug.

Speaker Connection

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