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Login Problems

  • Erase the previous username and start with a clean typing space.
  • Make sure you do not have a space in front of the 1st letter of your username.
  • Type the password slowly.
  • “Failed to authenticate” - Type the password again
  • “Bad username or password”
    • Check for typing errors.
    • Type the information again slowly

Power Issues

Is the blue light glowing just below the Samsung label and above the silver bar? If not,

  • Make sure the power cable is pushed in snugly under the monitor and on the wall.
  • Make sure the toggle switch is turned ON.

Power Plug

  • Push the ON/OFF button under the silver bar gently to see if the blue light comes on.

Samsung Silver Bar

Black Screen/Analog Message

If the screen has a black screen with signal/source lost or analog message going across the screen.

  • Locate the SOURCE button on the silver bar.
  • Gently push the button located under the word source.

View Connection Error

  • Make sure the network cable is plugged into the correct hole under the monitor. See Samsung Thin Client Hookup
  • Check to make sure the network cable is plugged in at the wall.
  • Check the Configuration settings. See Samsung Thin Client Network Configuration
  • Gently wiggle the mouse and wait for the login window to appear.
  • Repeat, if needed.

Black Screen/White Arrow


  • Wait 2-3 minutes.
  • After 2-3 min. call the Help Desk and give the student’s name and ID # .


  • Wait 5-10 min. to allow updates to be installed.
  • After 5-10 min., if the computer still does not go to the desktop call the Help Desk 903-446-2400 and have the computer Reset.

Other Error Messages

  • “Display Protocol…”
  • “Agent Unreachable…”
  • “Blocked by a Firewall…”
  • “Domain Contoller…”

Call the Help Desk. 903-446-2400

Virtual Computer/Thin Client FAQs

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