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What Is a Virtual Computer

Using a virtual thin client computer is basically the same as using a desktop or laptop computer, but, there are a few differences.
Samsung Thin Client

  • A Samsung thin client monitor (terminal) is used to access the virtual computer, but, the computer is not physically located in your room.
  • Any terminal can be used to access a virtual computer.
  • The virtual computers are divided into 3 basic pools of computers:
    • Classworks
    • Staff
    • Students

Student Computers

Students “grab” a new computer each time they login. When a student logs off the virtual computer which he/she used is deleted and a fresh computer is rebuilt.

  • Students do NOT have print access.
  • The Internet Explorer home page is set to . Students then choose the campus page.
  • Students have two computer group choices:Classworks or Students

Classworks Computers

Classworks virtual computers have access ONLY to Classworks. To use Classworks on a thin client connect to the Classworks group at login.

  • Cannot access the Internet
  • Cannot access network drives
  • Do not have programs installed.
  • Do not have printers installed.

Samsung Thin Client Hookup

Samsung Thin Client Network Configuration

Basics for Staff

Basics for Students

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