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What Is a Virtual Computer

Using a virtual thin client computer is basically the same as using a desktop or laptop computer, but, there are a few differences.
Samsung Thin Client

Some things to know:

  1. A Samsung thin client monitor (terminal) is used to access the virtual computer, but, the computer is not physically located in your room.
  2. Any terminal can be used to access a virtual computer.
  3. The virtual computers are divided into 3 basic pools of computers:
  4. Classworks
  5. Staff
  6. Students

Staff Computers

Staff members “grab” the same virtual computer each time they log off and back on.

If something goes wrong with a staff VM computer the technology department can simply assign a new one and detach the faulty virtual computer.

Therefore, staff members can:

  • Set up the Internet Explorer home page.
  • Set their start menu to look a specific way and can add programs to it.
  • Be assigned to specific campus printers.
  • Staff members have two computer group choices: Classworks or Staff

Setting Staff Default Printer

On staff thin clients each staff member must set your own default printer.

  • Click the Start button and then choose the printer icon to view the printer choices you have.
  • Right-click on the printer you want to set as you default printer and choose “Set as Default Printer”.

If you do not see a printer in the printer list contact your ITS or call the Help Desk. You will need to know the desired printer identification (name) and location if you call the Help Desk.

Student Computers

Students “grab” a new computer each time they login. When a student logs off the virtual computer which he/she used is deleted and a fresh computer is rebuilt.

  • Students do NOT have print access.
  • The Internet Explorer home page is set to . Students then choose the campus page.
  • Students have two computer group choices:Classworks or Students

Classworks Computers

Classworks virtual computers have access ONLY to Classworks. To use Classworks on a thin client connect to the Classworks group at login.

Classworks computers:

  • Cannot access the Internet
  • Cannot access network drives
  • Do not have programs installed.
  • Do not have printers installed.

Samsung Thin Client Network Configuration


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