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Editing Your Profile

  • Go to the LISD Workshop registration site and login.

  • Click My Profile. my profile
  • Once you have clicked My Profile a window appears that has the following information options.


  • Correct your information, as needed, using the “Information Guidelines”.
  1.	Employee ID: Enter your LISD employee ID
  2.	First Name: Type your first name
  3.	Last Name: Type your last name
  4.	Address: Optional
  5.	City: Longview
  6.	Home Phone: Optional
  7.	District: LISD
  8.	Campus: Use the pop down menu to select your campus.
  9.	Department: Optional
  10.	Assignment: As appropriate
  11.	Staff Type: Use the pop down menu to select the appropriate type
  12.	Grade Subject: As Appropriate
  13.	E-mail registration confirmation: Check if you wish to receive confirmation of workshop registrations.

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