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  1. All new Auxiliary Staff hired by Longview ISD should receive from the Human Resources Department documentation containing an Employee ID. If you have misplaced this information or believe you did not receive this information please contact Human Resources, 903-381-2292.
  2. The Technology Department will assign new Auxiliary Staff an Electronic Account when notified by Human Resources and an Employee ID has been assigned. This Electronic Account provides the staff member with a username and temporary password.
    • An Electronic Account username and password provides a login for a district computer, district email and Skyward Finance.
    • Auxiliary Staff log into Skyward Finance to:
      • clock in and out each day
      • request time off for absence-from-duty
      • request time off for vacation
    • Auxiliary Staff receive email messages with information about time off requests.
    • New LISD Electronic Account documentation for Maintenance staff may be sent to Ginger Cannon, 903-381-2351, or your assigned campus secretary.
    • New LISD Electronic Account documentation for Transportation staff will be sent to Peggy O'Neal, 903-381-2337.
    • New LISD Electronic Account documentation for Cafeteria staff will be sent to your campus secretary.
    • Allow a minimum of one week from date hired for the Electronic Account document to be issued.

Electronic Account Information

  1. When a staff member has received the Electronic Account document issued by the Technology Department the first task is to change your password.
    • To change your password you must be in the district using a district computer.
    • When you log in with your username and temporary password the computer will instruct you to change your password. If it does not ask you follow these instructions to change your password.
    • It is recommended that you create a password that is at least 6 characters long and contains numbers and letters.
    • When the Electronic Account password is changed this changes the password for Email and Skyward logins as well as the computer login.

District Email
Click here to get help for your LISD email account.

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