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BYOD stands for "Bring Your Own Device." Longview ISD's LoboNET wireless network is specifically designed to handle devices belonging to its students and staff.

LoboNET is intended for use by Longview ISD staff on computers and devices that do not belong to Longview ISD. (Think your personal iPhone or iPad here.) Please do not join devices that belong to Longview ISD to LoboNET. The username and password to join the wireless network is your normal staff login, the one you use to log into a computer.

After you join the network, your login information will be passed through to our web filters to allow access the internet. Please remember that this is still the Longview ISD network and all policies regarding acceptable use and privacy apply!

Unfortunately, the LISD Help Desk will not be able to help you with your device that is not owned by LISD. Please don't put them in the awkward position of having to tell you "no". The Help Desk does want to know if you think that LoboNET itself isn't working though and will be happy to report that information to the network guys!

One last thing: remember that sharing isn't caring when it comes to your username and password. Most devices remember the wireless usernames and passwords forever unless they are told to "forget". Logging in with your credentials on somebody else's device will mean that you have given them free reign to do whatever they want in your name! Please don't put yourself in that position. Only authenticate devices that belong to you and you personally will use.

Important Information:

  • LoboNET is a convenience and not a teaching tool. As such, its availability and usability is not guaranteed or promised in any way.
  • The district will not support or maintain in any way a device not owned by the district. The Technology Help Desk will not be able to help you if you cannot get on to the internet or get to a particular site or function. Please do not put them in an awkward situation by asking them for this kind of help.
  • LoboNET is an open, unprotected network. You assume all risks associated with joining. LISD recommends that you have a good firewall and antivirus program installed on your device.
  • Devices belonging to LISD may not be joined to LoboNET. Attempts to do so will result in loss of privilege.
  • LoboNET must not be used to circumvent security in place on the LISD network. If an item cannot be downloaded on the LISD network but can be downloaded on LoboNET, you must not use LoboNET as a conduit for this type of download. Any violations of this policy will result in loss of privilege.
  • LoboNET must not be used for district business. There are many legal requirements for data protection that the district cannot give if district business is transacted on personal e-mail or personal data storage accounts. Any violations of this policy will result in loss of privilege (in addition to any other legal or district disciplinary action). This does not mean that you may not use your e-mail account and LISD / Google applications on your personal device.
  • LoboNET does not currently restrict the number of devices you may use, but you are responsible for all uses of your username and password.
  • LoboNET is a shared medium with finite bandwidth resources. Being careless on LoboNET will impact the usability of LoboNET for other staff members.
  • Your use of LoboNET is predicated on your understanding of these rules and your agreement to abide by them. Violations of policy will result in loss of privilege on LoboNET and could have other legal and/or district sanctions.

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