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BYOD stands for "Bring Your Own Device." Longview ISD's LoboNET wireless network is specifically designed to handle devices belonging to its students and staff.

Student use of their personal devices and their use of Longview ISD's network with their personal devices is governed by the LISD Student Handbook and the LISD Acceptable Use Policy. Students must agree to the following before being permitted on the LISD network with their personal device. For more information about the student use of the network with their personal devices, please refer to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Use of Longview ISD’s LoboNET for Students

Acceptable Use
This network is for instructional purposes only. All use of Longview ISD’s network resources are governed by the Longview ISD Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The following terms are in addition to the terms of the AUP.

Devices Allowed
Personal devices (owned by you) including smart phones, e-readers (such as Nook, Kindle) tablets and media devices (such as iPad, Tab, iPod touch), netbooks and laptops.

Devices NOT Allowed
Any device owned by the school district as well as gaming devices (such as Nintendo DS, Sony PSP), printers, media streaming and storage devices (such as Apple TV and Roku) and other devices that could be considered “servers” or “routers.” You may not share this network with any other device.

Network Privileges
Your level of access to the network is determined by your login used to connect to the wireless network. Your actions and Internet use will be logged just as if you were on a district-owned computer. For security purposes, some district resources may not be available to a personally owned device.

Longview ISD cannot guarantee the electronic security of your device while it is connected to our network. Please use reasonable precautions including security or anti-virus software. You should consider this a public network.

Longview ISD, your school and your teachers are not responsible for lost or damaged personal electronic devices. You are solely responsible for the safety and security of your device.

Appropriate Times
Accepting this agreement and joining this network does not give permission to use a personal device without direct permission from a teacher, principal, or other administrator.

Getting Help
This network’s availability and usability is not guaranteed or promised in any way. If you are having trouble joining the network, please refer to your device’s documentation or owner’s manual.

More Information
For more information about use of Longview ISD network resources, please visit:

For more information about when and where it is appropriate to have or use a personal device, see the ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES section of your student handbook.

I agree to the Acceptable Use Policy and understand the implications of using my device on the district’s network. I understand that I must have permission from a teacher, principal or administrator any time I want to use my device on or off of the district’s network.

Are you ready to sign up? Please visit to agree to the use policy. You might need to wait several minutes after you agree to join the network.

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