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Log In

  • To register for an LISD Workshop go to the Workshop Registration Calendar
  • Click on the link: LISD Online Workshop Registration (located in the header of the calendar).
  • Click the Login and enter your LISD username and password.
  • or
  • Go directly to the Workshop Registration system.
  • Click Login and enter your LISD username and password.

To Search and Enroll for Workshop

  • Click Workshop Browser
  • Select from the Drop down list to select a search parameter
  • If you are not sure what you are looking for select date is after and type in today‚Äôs date. This will show you everything that is still available.
  • Select the desired workshop then click the Enroll button.

Check Status of Workshops

  • To check the status of your workshops go back to the registration calendar and click on My Workshops.
  • This will show you the workshops only for the current year.
  • To see past years you will have to change the year in the drop down box.

Print Record

  • To print a record of your workshops click on either Current cycle or All Records
  • If it shows that you have not received credit for a workshop you attended you will need to contact the facilitator and ask them to mark the workshop as completed.
  • To find out who the facilitator is you will need to click on the title of the workshop in question.
  • Once your list is on the screen just click on File>Print.

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