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Eno Interactive Whiteboard Video Demonstration

Eno Board Basics

The Eno Polyvision Interactive Board has 4 main components.

  1. Eno board board
  2. Stylus (pen) stylus
  3. Polyvision bluetooth adapter bluetooth
  4. Magnetic strip strip

Getting Started

  • Turn on projector and computer inside presentation cart.
  • Locate the dark blue Eno pen (stylus).
  • Remove the cap and place it on the opposite end of the pen so it won’t get lost. (The cap turns the stylus off and on so it is very important not to lose it.)
  • Touch the tip of the pen to the Eno board. Try to use the pen like you would a mouse. Tap the Internet Explorer icon twice to open it. If nothing happens you may need to calibrate.

Calibrating the Board

Calibration screen board

  • The calibration screen is yellow-green with an X in the top left-hand corner. A series of Xs will appear around the white board as you calibrate. Press the tip of the pen in the center of the X as it appears on the screen.
  • To bring up the Calibration screen, if it does not automatically appear when you touch the pen to the Eno board, click the Projection button on the magnetic strip.

Add Notes to Image on Screen

  • To add notes on top of what appears on your computer screen press the “Switch between” button to change to pen mode.
  • Then press a pen color and begin writing. When you click the “Switch” button to go back to using the pen as a mouse the drawings will disappear. The drawings will reappear when you press the “Switch” button again.

Choose pen colors and line width

Once you have switched from pointer to pen mode you may vary the pen's format by choosing a line color, line style or the line width.

Erase What You Added

  • To erase some of what you have drawn on the screen tap one of the two sizes of erasers. Drag the tip of the pen across the top of what you want to erase.
  • small circle erases a small area
  • large circle erases a large area
  • To erase all of the drawing tap the “erase all” icon (X) on the strip.

Type on a Word Document

  • To type in a Word document, open a blank Microsoft Word document.
  • Tap the Keyboard button.
  • Tap the Word document. Begin to type by tapping a letter.

Save the Image

  • To save a copy of what you have drawn including the screen image tap the Save icon. Save your document as a .jpg file or .pdf.

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