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New Staff Information
  1. All new Professional and Paraprofessional Staff hired by Longview ISD should receive from the Human Resources Department documentation containing an Employee ID, also referred to as "Access ID. If you have misplaced this information or believe you did not receive this information please contact Human Resources, 903-381-2323.
  2. The Technology Department will assign new Professional and Paraprofessional Staff an Electronic Account when notified by Human Resources and an Employee ID has been assigned. This Electronic Account provides the staff member with a username and temporary password.
    • An Electronic Account username and password provides a login for a district computer, district email, Skyward Finance, and Skyward Gradebook.
    • Professional and Paraprofessional Staff log into Skyward Finance to:
      • clock in and out each day
      • time off requests
      • view Profile information, such as home address and telephone number
      • verify Payroll Information, such as check history, direct deposit information, W2 information and W4 information
    • Professional and Paraprofessional staff receive email messages with information about time off requests, as well as campus and district communication.
    • New LISD Electronic Account documentation will be sent to your campus secretary.
    • Allow a minimum of one week from date hired for the Electronic Account document to be issued.

LISD Electronic Account
  1. When a staff member has received the Electronic Account document issued by the Technology Department the first task is to change your password.
    • To change your password you must be in the district using a district Windows computer.
    • When you log in on a district computer the first time with your username and temporary password the computer will instruct you to change your password. If you are not asked to do so follow these instructions to change your password.
    • It is recommended that you create a password that is at least 6 characters long and contains numbers and letters.
    • When the Electronic Account password is changed this changes the password for Email and Skyward logins as well as the computer login.
  2. Your District Electronic Account Login is also your login for:

ID Badges

New staff should receive an ID Badge from Human Resources.

Substitute Management System
    • Please contact Bobbi Wade, email:, for login account information or questions.

Additional Accounts for Professionals

Curriculum Resources

  1. Atomic Learning - contains short videos explaining specific tasks in many of the most popular software applications in use today. The videos may be watched in sequence like a course, or watched individually to learn a specific part of a program.
    • Please contact your campus Instructional Technology Specialist for a login account for this online resource. It is available from School and Home.
  2. Classworks - District Integrated Learning System. This software is installed to district computers and is not available outside of the district.
    • Please contact Gay Lewis,, for login account information. You may also refer questions about Classworks to your Campus Classworks Campion.
  3. TEKS Resource System - District Scope and Sequence Online Resource.
    • Please contact Beth Bassett, email:, for login account information.
  4. District Staff Development Registration System
    • If you are unable to login to the the District Staff Development Registration System contact Patricia Cordoba, email:
  5. DMAC - District Online Assessment Data Analysis and PDAS Self Assessment
    • If you need a DMAC login or have specific DMAC questions please contact Latitia Wilson, email:
  6. Learning.Com Inquiry - K-8 Technology Applications TEKS Curriculum. Available for all K-8 core subject teachers.
  7. LPAC Manager
  8. Special Ed Resource: SuccessEd
    • Please contact the secretary for Special Education for assistance.
    • SuccessEd
  9. United Streaming by Discovery Education - Instructional videos, skill builders, games, audio files, images, writing prompts, and encyclopedia reference materials support multiple learning styles. Video library features exclusive, award-winning titles from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Science Chanel, and more.
    • Please contact your Instructional Technology Specialist for your login account.

Technology Equipment Information
  1. Classroom/Office telephone.
    • General information about the Cisco IP phone.
    • Need voice mail? Visit with your campus secretary. Generally classroom phones will not have voice mail.
    • Need a phone? Contact your campus Instructional Technology Specialist.
    • Need to change the caller ID on your phone? Contact the Technology HelpDesk - extension 2400 or 904-446-2400.
    • Your phone doesn't work. Contact the Technology HelpDesk - extension 2400 or 904-446-2400.
  2. Classroom Samsung Computer or Thin Client Computer.
    • Need a Thin Client in your classroom? Contact your Instructional Technology Specialist.
    • General questions about using your Thin Client.
    • Your Thin Client isn't working. Contact the Technology HelpDesk - extension 2400 or 904-446-2400. Note: Thin Client machines are not available for use by staff or students from the end of school in June until school begins in August.
  3. Classroom Presentation Cart.
  4. Classroom Epson Projector.
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