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Want to get help using all of the cool tools in your Presentation Cart?
Ready to learn how to engage your students using the SMART Student Response System?
Need help with some other technology tool or resource?
Several methods for requesting help are listed below.

1. Click here to enter an online Help Request. These requests are regularly reviewed by the Instructional Technology Staff. An ITS will contact you.
2. Send an email to your campus Instructional Technology Specialist. Include information such as what campus you are from, what you need assistance with, and what is a good time to meet.
Longview High School - contact Laura Horn, email:, or Jennifer Smith, email:
LEAD Academy - contact Jennifer Smith, email:
Forest Park Middle School - contact Ali Worsham. email:
Foster Middle School - contact Ali Worsham. email:
Judson Middle School - contact Anna Huntsinger, email:
Bramlette Elementary - contact Brittnee Ford, email:
JL Everhart Elementary - contact Anna Huntsinger, email:
Johnston-McQueen Elementary - contact Jane Binford, email:
South Ward Elementary - contact Jane Binford, email:
Ware Elementary - contact Emily Young, email:
Ned E. Williams Elementary - contact Brittnee Ford, email:
Hudson PEP Elementary - contact Emily Young, email:
3. You may also contact the HelpDesk, 903-446-2400.


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