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What Is a Virtual Machine (Samsung)

Using a virtual machine/thin client is basically the same as using a desktop or laptop computer, but, there are a few differences.
Samsung Thin Client

  • A Samsung is used to access the virtual machine, but, the "machine" is not physically located in your room.
  • Any Samsung can be used to access a user's virtual machine.
  • There are two basic images: one for Staff and another for students.

Virtual Machine Hookup

  • Cable Connections

Cable Connections

    • Remove the key at the base of the thin client. (May not have one.)
    • Raise the machine.
    • Rotate the machine sideways for ease of access to the connections.
    • Plug in the network cable, mouse & keyboard – in a straight line as pictured.

  • Power Plug

Power Plug

    • Plug the power cable snugly into the three pronged hole located on the bottom of the machine.
    • The toggle switch should be in the ON position (as shown).
    • Rotate the monitor back to the correct position, making sure the power plug is not pulled out.

  • Speakers

Speaker Connection

    • Speaker Bar – Is attached either on top of the machine or is placed under the machine.
    • Speaker wires - Plug them into the side of the machine.
      • Green audio plug into green hole
      • Black USB plug into one of the USB ports located close to the green audio plug.

  • Flashdrives

An extra USB plug is available on the side of the machine where the speakers plug in. It can be used for a flash drive.
Remember: Remove the flash drive before you Log Off.

  • Headset

You may attach a headset to a thin client machine. (if desired & available)

    • Unplug the green audio plug from the side of the machine.
    • Plug the headset connection into the green audio hole. The headset must have a small mini-plug connector.

Virtual Machine Configuration

  • Click the word OPTIONS in the upper left corner of the screen.

Thin Client Options Menu

  • Under Configuration a window will come up which will have several tabs across the top.
  • Main tabs to check for configuration: Network Tab, VMWare View Tab, Discovery Tab

Important: if you need to make any changes in the configuration you will need to Reset or Restart the computer. Do whatever it says to do.

  • Setting for Network Tab

Thin Client Network Tab

    • Enable DHCP: Check.
    • IP Address: Will vary. Example:
    • Subnet Mask:
    • Gateway: Will vary. Example:
    • Primary DNS Server:
    • Secondary DNS Server:
    • Domain Name:
    • FQDN: blank
    • Ethernet Mode: Auto
  • Settings for VMWare Tab

Thin Client VMWare Tab

    • Enable VMware View:
    • Identity connection Server by: FQDN
    • Connection Server FQDN:
    • Port: leave blank
    • SSL: no check
    • Auto connect: check
  • Settings for Discovery Tab

Thin Client Discovery Tab

  • Enable Discovery: check
  • Enable Host discovery: check

Staff Virtual Machine

Staff members “grab” the same virtual machine (VM/Samsung/Thin Client) each time they log off and back on. Staff members working from their Virtual Machine should always save work to their H:drive.
The Save dialog box will include something like: jdoe$ (\\Orion) (H:).

Staff members can:

  • Set up the Internet Explorer home page and/or Google Chrome home page.
  • Set their start menu to look a specific way and can add programs to it.
  • Ask technology staff to assign specific printers to their Virtual Machine. (Staff members should not attempt to install a printer.)

If a staff VM becomes unresponsive the technology department may solve this problem by deleting the current VM machine assigned to the staff member and assigning a new virtual machine.
This will:

  • Delete the staff VM
  • Delete the Favorites (web pages) saved in IE or Google Chrome (unless the staff member is logged into Google Chrome browser prior to saving to Favorites).
  • Delete any files saved to the Desktop, My Documents folder, and Downloads folder.

Files saved to a path that includes: ▸Doe, Jane ▸Downloads, will be deleted from the staff member's unresponsive Virtual Machine when technology assigns the staff member a new Virtual Machine.

Setting Staff Default Printer

On staff thin clients, each staff member must select your own default printer.

  • Click the Start button and then choose the printer icon to view the printer choices you have.
  • Right-click on the printer you want to set as you default printer and choose “Set as Default Printer”.

If you need a printer added to your printer choices, contact your ITS.

Basics for Students

  • Logging On
    • Enter your ID # and password.
    • Click Connect.

Student Login

  • Login Problems
    • Make sure there is not a space in front of the 1st letter of your username.
    • Error message, “Failed to authenticate” – Type the password again.
    • Error message, “Bad Username or Password” – Check for spelling errors & type the password again.

Call the Technology Help Desk if you still cannot login. 903-446-2400.

  • Printing

Student thin clients do not allow printing.

  • Saving Documents
    • NEVER save files to your desktop or to My Documents.
    • Always save to your H: drive or a flash (pen) drive.

IMPORTANT: Once you log off the thin client student computer the computer will be deleted so it is impossible to retrieve documents you did not save correctly.

General Troubleshooting

  • Login Issues
    • Erase the previous username and start with a clean typing space.
    • Make sure you do not have a space in front of the 1st letter of your username.
    • Type the password slowly.
    • “Failed to authenticate” - Type the password again
    • “Bad username or password”
      • Check for typing errors.
      • Type the information again slowly
  • Power Issues
    • Is the blue light glowing just below the Samsung label and above the silver bar? If not,
      • Make sure the power cable is pushed in snugly under the monitor and on the wall.
    • Make sure the toggle switch is turned ON.

Power Plug

    • Push the ON/OFF button under the silver bar gently to see if the blue light comes on.

Samsung Silver Bar

  • Black Screen/Analog Message

If the screen has a black screen with signal/source lost or analog message going across the screen.

    • Locate the SOURCE button on the silver bar.
    • Gently push the button located under the word source.
  • View Connection Error
    • Make sure the network cable is plugged into the correct hole under the monitor. See Samsung Thin Client Hookup
    • Check to make sure the network cable is plugged in at the wall.
    • Check the Configuration settings. See Samsung Thin Client Network Configuration
    • Gently wiggle the mouse and wait for the login window to appear.
    • Repeat, if needed.
  • Black Screen/White Arrow
    • Student:
      • Wait 2-3 minutes.
      • After 2-3 min. call the Help Desk and give the student’s name and ID # .
    • Staff:
      • Wait 5-10 min. to allow updates to be installed.
      • After 5-10 min., if the computer still does not go to the desktop call the Help Desk 903-446-2400 and have the computer Reset.
  • Other Error Messages
    • “Display Protocol…”
    • “Agent Unreachable…”
    • “Blocked by a Firewall…”
    • “Domain Contoller…”

Call the Help Desk. 903-446-2400

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