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Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Longview ISD's Student BYOD

What kind of device am I allowed to bring?
Personal devices that can be used for instructional purposes are allowed on the network when you have permission. A device can usually be used in an instructional capacity when it has a capable web browser such as FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. Types of acceptable devices include smart phones, e-readers (such as Nook and Kindle) tablets and media devices (such as iPads, Android tablets, and iPod Touches), netbooks and laptops.

How do I charge my device during the day?
You should plan to have as much power as you need without charging your device during the day. You may need to be careful with your time on your device if you want it for your last class! Cords and chargers can be a safety hazard, so do not expect your teacher to let you plug in just because you see an empty electrical outlet! In cases where charging is permitted, you should mark your chargers and cables with your full name or student ID number for identification purposes. Chargers and cords all look alike!

Can I plug my device into a district network jack instead of using the wireless network?
No! It is strictly forbidden to plug a personally owned device into a district network jack. Violation of this policy could lead to the loss of privilege on the network or other disciplinary action.

When can I use my personal device at school?
You need a teacher, principal or administrator’s permission to use your device at any time during the school day.

Can I use my own data plan for my personal device?
In general, when you have permission to use a personal device for Internet access, it is assumed that you will be using Longview ISD’s filtered Internet service. If you cannot join the Longview ISD network, please check with your teacher about the appropriateness of using your own data plan instead.

Is there a penalty for not having my own device? Can it hurt my grade?
While a personal device can be instructionally helpful at appropriate times, personal devices are optional. Your teacher will not grade you on whether or not you have a personal device.

Does the Acceptable Use Policy apply even though the device belongs to me?
Yes, the Acceptable Use Policy covers the use of Longview ISD’s network and those provisions are in full force. A violation of the AUP regardless of who owned the device used will be handled according to the district’s Student Code of Conduct.

Can a teacher stop me from using my personal device?
Yes! According to policy, you may only use your personal device for instructional purposes with the permission of your teacher, principal or other administrator.

Can I play games on my personal device if I am not connected to the district’s network?
Policy says that you may only use your personal device for instructional purposes. If it isn’t homework, the answer is probably “No”.

How do I save things from my personal device?
The district provides Google Drive accounts for this purpose. If your device is able to use Google Drive or a web browser that supports Google Drive, then you will be able to save.

Can you tell where I am going on the Internet with my personal device?
Yes. When connected to the district’s network, your Internet use is filtered and logged just like you were on a district computer. All district policies apply.

Can someone help me get connected to the district’s network?
If you are having trouble joining the network, please refer to your device’s documentation or owner’s manual. You are joining a WPA2 protected network and you may be asked to accept a certificate from a server named or You must accept this certificate to join the network. Refer to Wifi Connection Help for some possible suggestions.

Should I install virus protection on my computer before joining it to the district’s network?
The district does not require anti-virus or security software in order to join the network, but it is highly advisable to have some type of protection. The district’s network should be treated as an open, public network.

I feel like someone else is using their personal device inappropriately. Who should I tell?
Please report any suspected violation of policy or inappropriate use to your teacher or principal.

What do I do if my device is damaged by someone else or stolen?
Please report this immediately to your teacher or principal. If your device is stolen, your principal may ask the police department to take a statement and file a report. Remember that the district is not responsible for your personal devices and that you assume all risks by bringing your device to school. In the event of theft, you will need your device’s make, model and serial number. It would be a good idea to record these at home before bringing your device to school.

Can I access my home directory (H: drive) from my personal device?
You will not be able to access your home directory from your personal device. You should plan to save documents that you need to access on both the school computers and your device in Google Drive.

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